Just Who I Am

A ramble of who i am. . . . Part 1

I like me,
On majority of my days that I live.
I like sleeping in,
But it is something that I cannot accomplish when my body doesn’t give it to me.
I like eating and trying new foods,
But my taste buds are weird so I’m also picky with what I have.
I like being in good company,
But I also like having some alone time.
I love dancing,
I have a huge love for it and am blessed to have it as a talent even though my body tried to prevent me from moving.
I love kids,
I cannot wait to have some of my own, I do fear the giving birth part.
I love reading books,
I wish I could have a library one day of everything that I adored reading.
I drink alot of Soda,
I’m not a fan of water and yes I’m those people who think that water has a horrible taste.
I’m a mixed kid,
But everyone only considers me as a black person, yet when I’m around black people they tell me I’m far from their kind.
I’m also 27 but everyone can only see me as someone who is under the age of 23.
I love disney,
I got myself a disney pass and instantly regretted it, but I still find magic every time I go.
I’m afraid of clowns, thunder and the dark,
It’s the weirdest combination but together it is so frightening.
I am not good at taking compliments, there is something about when someone says I look nice or pretty i genuinely believe is a lie.
I’m skinny and don’t have big boobs, which brings out my insecurities but I’m happy to know I can easily sleep on my stomach.
I live my life always with socks on, I imagine the floor as hot lava without my socks on..weird I know.
I love hearing stories of people lives and things they have seen or done, even the littlest adventure is amazing to me.