Cream is in LA

So In Berkeley they have CREAM and in Westwood there is Diddy Rieese. Between the both of them I love them both almost the same, but one just hits it out the park. And it’s fairly simple CREAM. The time I had it, they only had this delicious ice cream sandwhich show up in NorCal in the college town of UC Berkeley. And just a day ago I was able to recieve my first of many CREAM sandwhiches right here in LA by USC.

So CREAM goes by 4 promises that they made to this shop. ” The first was to provide premium products made from our own proprietary recipes with superior ingredients. Next, keep costs low so that happiness remains affordable for all. We also wanted to delight each customer by showing you the same love you’d show your own BFF. And, of course, a fun and relaxed atmosphere where an impromptu karaoke song and dance session could break out at any moment!”

With promises like that im not surprised by how good they are. They have a great selection or regular, vegan and gluten free cookie options. A variety of regular and soy ice cream options with many toppings to add over them. You can get your ice cream in just a cup, or the well known cookie sandwhich, a sundae and the cool TACO ICE CREAM.  That’s right you can get your ice cream in taco form! Thats 2 scoops of ice cream and toppings of your choice.

One taste of CREAM’s incredible treats prepared to perfection, and you’ll be at a loss for words. Which is fine, because it’s rude to speak with your mouth full. Even if it’s filled with the most delicious ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have.  The price is reasonable and its well worth every Penny! Enjoy the pictures that I took, and of you want to know here are way to check them out more!


Instagram: @cream_nation

Less is More in this Winter Season

What I’m Currently Wearing: Top Shop Triangle Print Fitted Crop Top, Cotton On Black Skirt, Forever 21 Brim Hat + Necklace

As we all know it is still winter, but if you reside in sunny Los Angeles like I do then right now you can feel the summer time heat. One day we had winter rain and the next we started dealing with 90 degree heat and of course no one was surprised about it but we sure did complain about it happening to soon.

As this weekend is coming to an end I just wanted to share my outfit that I put together for this sweltering heat. This past weekend I attended my niece’s baptism celebration and with this heat I needed to look well put together and still have less on so I don’t try and kill myself.

I’m wearing a brim hat and a layered 3 in one necklace from Forever 21, my top is actually from last spring that I never wore and I got it at TopShop. The shirt is poly and silk and is a crop top and has a short neck. My belt is from a local thrift shop that I bought so many years ago, and my skirt is from Cotton On I bought it last year as well and the shoes that im wearing a slip on flats with a heel that I bought from Urban Outfitters Surplus store. As you can read Im wearing a lot of items that are from last year but HEY what can I say fashion wear and styles always make a comeback. Everything in my attire is thin layered and as you can see with my skirt its see through, it was a perfect feel for that hot day and I didn’t have any sweat marks to embarrass myself! Haha.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your night!


Easy Brunch on a Hot Weekend

I love food! I have always enjoyed some good tasting meals whether it is breakfast that is being served or if its dinner being served I surely do enjoy every bit of it. I love going out to different places and trying what they have to offer and I have most recently been into having brunch, or well having lunch at any time of the day. Just yesterday I was able to catch up with my closest coworkers and decided to have brunch before they went to work and in the means of wanting to save money we just decided to get food together and cook it at my place!

With not much time on our hands we had to make ourselves the best brunch with just about $15.00 in our hands and less than 2 ½ hours to spare. We met up at around 10:30 got in and out of the store by 10:50 and being back at my place around 11:15. With a short break among us it was the perfect time to think of what we can muster up that was delicious in a short matter of time. Our result well check out the picture below!

Nice shot isn’t it!! We made French toast with just bread, egg and powdered sugar, scrambled eggs, a side of fruits that included strawberries, blueberries, bananas and raspberries. With not enough time we just popped in some Leggo my Eggo chocolate chip waffles, and even though it isn’t pictured we had bacon and boy we girls do love our bacon! For drinks we had water, orange juice and milk in lovely little mason jars that I got to collect over time. The entire meal was made in 30 mins with much time to spare to talk about what we have been up to outside of work, where our other friend was and how we missed her, what I wanted to do for my birthday.

I think creating your own meals with the people you love taste so much better than going out and buying meals with friends. It’s a little more meaningful, and more personal memories are created to enjoy. SOOOOOOo if you have the time with the ones you care about, definitely make the time!