Less is More in this Winter Season

What I’m Currently Wearing: Top Shop Triangle Print Fitted Crop Top, Cotton On Black Skirt, Forever 21 Brim Hat + Necklace

As we all know it is still winter, but if you reside in sunny Los Angeles like I do then right now you can feel the summer time heat. One day we had winter rain and the next we started dealing with 90 degree heat and of course no one was surprised about it but we sure did complain about it happening to soon.

As this weekend is coming to an end I just wanted to share my outfit that I put together for this sweltering heat. This past weekend I attended my niece’s baptism celebration and with this heat I needed to look well put together and still have less on so I don’t try and kill myself.

I’m wearing a brim hat and a layered 3 in one necklace from Forever 21, my top is actually from last spring that I never wore and I got it at TopShop. The shirt is poly and silk and is a crop top and has a short neck. My belt is from a local thrift shop that I bought so many years ago, and my skirt is from Cotton On I bought it last year as well and the shoes that im wearing a slip on flats with a heel that I bought from Urban Outfitters Surplus store. As you can read Im wearing a lot of items that are from last year but HEY what can I say fashion wear and styles always make a comeback. Everything in my attire is thin layered and as you can see with my skirt its see through, it was a perfect feel for that hot day and I didn’t have any sweat marks to embarrass myself! Haha.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your night!



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