Behind the Lens with Blvcklisted

So I spent my the last couple days, maybe even weeks behind the lens. I used to be behind the camera all the time and I spent time learning the ins and outs of using a camera especially since my closest friends in high school were photographers or videographers in the making.

In these current events I was able to keep myself behind the lens during my teams latest trip to northern California for a performance. I was able to capture the moments of laughter, hunger, tiredness and so on and so forth. I think my favorite part about being on this trip was that it was so different from the other ones (which you will learn in my next post) and I was able to capture them on camera.

I truly don’t want to say to much about the trip but rather I want to show you some of my favorite pictures that I took while we were in NorCal this weekend.

Hiking. . .

Behind the scenes on performance day

Crissy Fields


 & Then there was just something about Ely being in this moment that I just needed to capture. . .

 My top 3 favorite photos of this past weekend. Why? His body language, the rise of the tides, the comfortable outfit and the beautiful sunset just made everything perfect.

 And this last one ❤


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