Stranded in NorCal with my dance team

This was the happy faces that they plastered at the beginning of this trip without knowing that by time we were headed back we would be pushing our van and waiting in the middle of nowhere for what seems to be 7 hours.. Here’s our story.

We spent our last day in the bay getting up late, packing up slowly and then making our way to San Francisco from Vallejo to go check out some sites that SF had to offer with the limited time we had left. After that great event of going around the city we gas up at around 7:30pm and finally headed home. Between 8:30/9:00pm I couldn’t really tell you what happened because I fell asleep but I did wake up to Ely telling that we needed to pull over. Why? Well because when he officially stopped at around 10pm on the side of the road there was nothing but smoke coming out of the engine! What a treat.

We let the car cool down for a bit and they even added coolant to the engine. We had all distracted ourselves of the problem by stargazing and cracking jokes about each other. By 10:30 we decided to give it a go since we were only about 7 miles from the main rest stop. The car started and we drove slow and was hoping to make it all the way to the rest stop, but that wasn’t the case. The car ended up heating over again and we had to stop and make that final decision. With 3 miles left to go to make it to the rest stop we decided together that WE WERE GOING TO PUSH THE CAR!

AND PUSHING THE CAR WE WENT, for 3 whole miles. Honestly, with there being 10 of us and the van being on neutral it didn’t seem that far of a push. The highlight of pushing this damn vehicle was the fast that a man in a huge tow truck pulls over to the side and watches us push our van. Why is it a highlight, well because when I say that he pulled over and watched us, he basically pulled over took out his phone and videotaped us….HE VIDEOTAPED US ON HIS PHONE….OMG ….HE DIDNT EVEN BOTHER HELPING! Once we passed him, he started up his truck and just… left. How rude!

We made it to the rest stop at about 11pm, caught out breathe and contacted our parents/loved ones. By midnight or sometime after it was planned that 4 people will be staying behind with the van while the rest of us will get picked up by a teammates mom. It is the craziest things because we were still 3 hours away from home and her parents were going to drive pretty much to the bay to come get us and take us home. And so the wait had begun.

Her parents arrived at 5:15 am ( I knew this because I checked the clocked) and we got just some stuff and headed back home. We couldn’t take everything either with us because then all of us that were headed back wouldn’t be able to fit in the car. We made it back to my house at 8:40am, it practically took the whole day to get home.The rest of the guys didn’t make it back until about 11pm so for them it was a whole day to make it back.

Overall the weekend was great but the way home was horrible but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I got to ride with some amazing teammates.


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