Las Vegas Eats – Serendipity

Serendipity 3 is one of my go to places while I stay out and about in Vegas. The restaurant is apart of the Caesar Palace Casino but stays on the outside along side the strip so its easy to find and see. Its a restaurant that has a to go section outside for customers who don’t want to dine in. The décor is very 50’s cute diner with a Greek twist on the outside.

When your inside you can even find the movie poster to the movies Serendipity. This time around visiting I took time to get some quick pictures of what everyone at my table was having. My cousin got a burger and some fries and I decided to share meals with my boyfriend and sister. I chose sweet potatoes fries, chicken Alfredo pasta and a BBQ chicken pizza on a flatbread. The sweet potatoes friends were delicious but I was not a fan of the dipping sauce they had along with it. The dipping sauce was chipotle with melted marshmallow, honestly all you can taste is the marshmallow and that I wasn’t into much. I have to be honest and tell you that I cannot tell you how that burger taste because it was my cousins but I CAN Tell you that he did finish it all. The pasta was really good I love that the noodles were covered in sauce and that there were big pieces of chicken and broccoli. After a couple bites though, it became very heavy for me to handle and I got full to quick. Also, I didn’t have the pizza but the last time I was there I had the same kind and it was great as well.

I always leave happy, full and sad only because I get so full that I can’t try the famous frozen hot chocolate. Maybe on my next trip? What do you think.


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