FOOD – KBBQ why you so good?!


Kbbq is probably the favorite of most local Angelenos for many reasons that I’d like to share with you.

It’s all you can eat! A place where you can get endless amounts of meat and come out smelling like it when  your done. You get a list of meats to chose from and it’s ready for you when you want it.

The price! I’m pretty simple when it comes to eating kbbq so I can easily go and pay the $10 price. But if you are into all kinds of meats from the well known brisket to interesting one like intestines then you can pay the high prices which can range you from $13 – $30 bucks.

I like having my brisket mixed into some Kimchi, they are usually plain tasting and I have to and add soy sauce but, let me tell you!! You mix it in with the kimchi you have a total kick in the meal. Also add it to your pork steak!

I always eat my meat with rice paper not regular rice. Having it with rice makes you full faster, because the rice is heavy and yooooo u eat it in bulk. Yet with the rice paper I tend to eat the meat in bulk while having the thin rice paper to assist my meal. Pppppeeerrrfffeecctt.

The best kbbq spots are easily placed in koreatown. They range from all you can eat to, bulgogi only, to all you can eat meat with a full salad bar or in one that I ended up with the open bar had churros.

The only downfall to having kbbq is the wait on busy nights they start at 15 minutes and can last to 45 minutes. So please don’t go there starving haha.


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