JOURNAL – Tom Fletchers Vlog

Tom Fletcher is one of my favorite Youtube bloggers, but I could also be biased because he is also in my favorite band in the whole entire world. Haha. So yes other then loving his song writing and his music, I love his videos. His personality is what really attracts me and I love the things he talks about whether it be what is going with the band and the behind the scenes, what is happening in his book writings, his life at home with his wife and kids or even just the random thoughts that come to his head. I enjoy them all.

Last week was really rough for me and I can’t really explain why but for some reason this video made me feel a bit better. It was just one of his regular updated weekly videos but in this one it has no real topic, he just went on a small chat about having no idea what to talk about, went on about his cleaning and making fun of his kid, doing good deeds and finding some song books that mean so much to him… and me. Ending it with a nice lil dance.

its those little things that make me happy nothing to serious nothing to crazy just a chat…he had, that I’m going to share.


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