Journal – Dapper Day & Disney Pass

I just want to start by thanking my ride & die Monica for keeping me company 90% of this weekend. My loves that I live with went away to play.

Anywhoo. We were suppose to be up early at the happiest place on earth at around 11 but we ended up staying up til 4 am and sleeping in and making it there by 1pm haha. Super late.


There were so many well dressed guest at the park. They either kept it simple with a more mode dapper look, there were guest the disney bound and got well dressed as their favorite character, and some even went full out and had some costumes. This day for me was full of me saying “your so cute.” Or ” omg they look so cute!.” Pretty much every 15 minutes


I even got to run into my sister from another mister who was indeed not wearing a dress but was really the cutest girl I’ve had seen in suspenders and pants that night. She was also pretty much the only one wearing all white haha. (Throwing a plug she is a barber/hairstylist so if you need a fresh cut get in contact with me and I’ll give you more information on her)


This was truly a different experience because I don’t usually wear dresses and I never thought i would wear one to disneyland. I also finally bought a pass, (my disney love has been almost fulfilled) which I instantly regretted once i bought it, but only because I don’t do things like that.

Totally random rants but
1. Guest can be so rude!
2. Magical Map is the best!
3. Peter Pan is Bae but I don’t really like who plays him.
4. Small world is still great hangout /nap ride
5. I’m not a fan of the 60th night parade
6. I can’t believe my friend lost and then found her wallet.
7. OH! And the line for Peter Pan…what the heck is that

Haha. Overall it was a great day





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