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Nathan & Stacies Nerd Wedding

imageMy coworkers and good friends Nathan and Stacie got married this week and I was lucky enough to attend it. I must tell you that right off the bat that it was a non traditional wedding from the location to the outfits to who married them it was all their own, and for that I fell in love with it.

I’m going to apologize in advance for my lack in photography and cinematography because I was to caught up on how exciting it was.

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Every week I shall be posting a music list of tracks that I have been really into or feel that will be my daily play or karaoke for the week. And if I’m gonna be jamming to it I might as well share it with the readers that I love! Soo here is my list for the week!

1. Drake “Hotline Bing” – I’m not a huge Drake fan but this song makes my list for the fact that everyone else really talks about this song.. the damn dancing!

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This past weekend my dance company took a trip to San Jose to perform at the revamp of Battlefest 360. Where dancers must dance all around that frame of the stage to face the audience that sits around them. It felt really good being able to be one of the teams that actually took the time to do it like the title and perform for a crowd around us. I believe we accomplished what they were looking for with a nice selection of songs, different styles of dance, and performing in all angles.

Hope you enjoy the performance. Our next stop is Wod Vegas


Anna Margaret is on Scream Queens


I have been so lucky to be around some amazing people who are so talented and also humble in the work that they do. Back in 2010 I was fortunate enough to become friends with this beautiful and funny girl. I was one of her back up dancers in her early starting career and yes, this young woman right here is a singer! And boy I can tell you she is an amazing one at that as well. What’s her name you might be wondering, its Anna Margaret.  If you do recognize her name or face its probably because you have seen her in movies like “Be Good to Eddie Lee” or her most recent film that came out last year the football flick “When The Game Stands Tall.” IF you want to go way back she sang the hit song “Something about the sunshine” from the Disney movie Starstruck.

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