The Mob Presents ” Invite Only” Showcase

THE MOB a dance company representing the SoCal area is having their first big showcase called INVITE ONLY. INVITE ONLY is a dance showcase that will have you  dressing up in your best attire while watching some of the best talent in the area, and they even a few special guests. I think everyone should come out to the show for these reasons. . .

First here is a little taste of the Mob for you

and now my reasons

  1. The company that is running the event are amazing talented choreographers and dancers and they work really hard on the craft that they do.
  2. If you dance – Do you see this line up? So many dope choreographers and some community favorites are in there and I can see some industry favorites in there as well.
  3. If you don’t dance – then this show for you is like . . .  So you think you can dance… maybe dancing with the stars BUT LIVE and will be even better then that! I promise you.
  4. This event is way cheaper then trying to go to Halloween Horror Nights.
  5.  You get to dress up!
  6. They are family to me and if you support me, you should support my family because I support them.

Showcase information:

Here are some performances of the companies / choreographers performing



if you are interested in getting presale tickets to the show click the link below


For more information you can contact them here on the following sites:


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