Nathan & Stacies Nerd Wedding

imageMy coworkers and good friends Nathan and Stacie got married this week and I was lucky enough to attend it. I must tell you that right off the bat that it was a non traditional wedding from the location to the outfits to who married them it was all their own, and for that I fell in love with it.

I’m going to apologize in advance for my lack in photography and cinematography because I was to caught up on how exciting it was.

I have to tell you right away that Nathan and Stacie had a nerd wedding! Star Trek/sci-fi themed to the max. If you ever get to meet them or you are already friends with them, then this concept of a wedding is perfect. They are lovers of each other, Twin Peaks, Star Trek, Back To The Future etc.

As for all weddings location is everything whether it be in a traditional church or your typical beach side, location set the tone for the wedding. Their location was perfect! They had a sunny, light breezed in the open are all the way out near Palmdale at a place called Vazquez Rocks. Now if you don’t know that place is a film haven for movies such as Star Trek, Roswell, Twilight zone etc, and I have to praise them for it because my pop culture side got excited because movies like Power Rangers and music videos like my 90’s fave SClub7 “s club party” and when there was five members ONE DIRECTION’S STEAL MY GIRL video was filmed.


I like the personal set up of the ceremony. Out in this open area with about less than 50 chairs with a little red carpet in the middle. the wedding started about 40 minutes late, but it was fine. The ladies arrived first, bridesmaids wore a dark red dress in their own choosing, the maids of honor wore baby blue and the bride herself wore a white dress with gold trimmings. The men were different, the groomsmen each wore their own character outfit ex: Marty McFly, Ghostbuster, etc. And the groom wore a Navy blue suit.

The ceremony lasted for I swear only 15 maybe 20 minutes. It was sweet and hilarious from beginning to end which included mummy inside jokes, movie references and vows from total eclipse of the night. Our very tall and good friend Owen married them, he kept it short, simple and sweet. My favorite part of the ceremony is right at the beginning when Owen and Nathan are trying to figure out when to start the ceremony and Nathan yells MMMMMMAAAAAAAA, to check if it was good to begin.


The reception was very private and small with a decent amount of tables each filed with  movies or shows off their liking. I got photos of each center piece they had for each table. They had appetizers going around soon after the entrance of the married couple they had their first dance then a welcoming and everyone head to dinner. It was a buffet a selection between chicken, steak and Mahi mahi (everyone loves the coffee though). After dinner there were speeches and then dancing with cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. A cake at the top, gluten cupcakes and regular cupcakes underneath.

I didn’t stay to long because of traffic on the way back home and some personal things to get to as well. Overall this wedding is in the top of my list for creativity. I hope to be attending weddings like theirs where couples can truly put in unique touches to make it their own. Here are so pictures from the wedding








To my dearest newly wed friends I hope your love and marriage lives long and prosper!




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