Every week I shall be posting a music list of tracks that I have been really into or feel that will be my daily play or karaoke for the week. And if I’m gonna be jamming to it I might as well share it with the readers that I love! Soo here is my list for the week!

1. Drake “Hotline Bing” – I’m not a huge Drake fan but this song makes my list for the fact that everyone else really talks about this song.. the damn dancing!

2. Shawn Mendes “Stitches” – this song is so catchy and the cover with Hailee I recently found is very cute.

3. Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams” – every time I hear this song I of course think of harry styles or have music video fantasies.

4. Rixton “Wait On Me”- I just want to choreograph to this song and I love this band

5. One Direction “Perfect” do I really need to explain?

6. Adele “Hello” – because its new and sad as usual and all we can do is have feels


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