Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Perfect Janet Jackson In The craziest Lip Sync Battle Performance Ever!

Everyone knows that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is BAE, I don’t like using that terminology but he is just everything. I had always been a fan of his acting, his singing and his work, but after last night appearance on Lip Sync Battle I have been left speechless and fan girling even more for him!

As we know he is currently doing promotions for his upcoming hilarious holiday film and to help promote The Night Before, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Anthony Mackie, and Seth Rogan appeared on a special holiday edition of Lip Sync Battle!

First off I just need to say I always knew he has some good moves in him

No seriously

The show went on like any other lip sync battle jokes, good lip syncing and moves to keep you captivated on the performers. But Anthony set the bar in the last round when he performed MC Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit. YET of course my love joseph came out swinging and surpring everyong by dressing up as Janet Jackson wearing the hair, the makeup, the music video outfit and EVEN GETTING THE CHOREOGRAPHY DOWN!! you know i am dancer so this killed me, brought me back to life and just killed me again! I cant even explain to you how amazing that performance was. check it out for yourself and tell me how you think he did as Janet.


They both did an absolutely amazing job but I just have to give it to Joe for stepping up the lip sync game and I can say Janet would be proud haha.

Watch the trailer for “The Night Before” starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie which hits theaters Friday, November 20:

“The Night Before” Official Facebook:…

New season coming January 2016.
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Events You Should Attend THIS Friday & Saturday


My lovely dance company will be performing at World Of Dance Las Vegas this December and since we are a non profit team, we fund everything our selves. And to pay for SHELTER WHILE WE ARE THERE we will be having fundraisers weekly and I would love if you guys could come out and support! Here is a list of fundraisers happening THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!

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Day 6 – #MusicMonday Little Mix


A couple days ago british girl group Little Mix released their new album Get Weird and I’m loving it. These girls have really great vocals are  presented well in their ballad and acoustic tracks. They also have fun dance tracks that gets those hips swaying real quick. Here are some that I wanna share with you

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I Just Love Cookies

I have loved them since the beginning, and I can honestly say that no matter who comes and goes as choreographers and dancers this company will always be at its best. I believe they have a very special bond that makes their sets so much more then it can look to be. This performance gave me everything that I wanted and the basic thing that I ever looked for, motivation.

I’m not always a fan of the front view but I do like this just because you can get a close up detail to the choreography that happens that sometimes you can’t see from far away.

Great job Cookies, I cannot wait to see what else you have this coming season.