Day 3 Halloween 2015

how was your halloween this year. ?”

This year I was between costumes, I wanted to really be Louise Belcher but I had this feeling deep inside to be Mary Poppins. In the end though I was Louis Belcher and it didn’t cost me anythinh. If you have seen the cartoon she is barely wearing anything that isn’t hard to find or come by.

What was hard about her costume was just getting the ears. I didn’t wanna order it online or buy it from a store because it cost between $20-$30 bucks…JUST FOR THE EARS! My next best option was just to make them myself. I bought bunny ears for $1.50 at this cheap Japanese place and then bought a long scarf and beanie in pink at the 99 cent only store. From there I cut two holes in the beanie, put the ears through them, sewed the beanie and ears together. Then took the scarf and covered the ears to match the beanie then used the rest to make the extention part of the beanie and boom! Louise Belcher ears were done, I followed by using my sisters large shit and turning it inside out and putting on some black flats that I had. Here is the come out

During the day I spent it with family celebrating my niece birthday and then at night I walked about west hollywood carnival. It was a cool night and as far as I knew I was the only Louise Belcher and I even ran into my Belcher parents!! This halloween was really nice because I got to spend it with both family and friends.




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