Events You Should Attend THIS Friday & Saturday


My lovely dance company will be performing at World Of Dance Las Vegas this December and since we are a non profit team, we fund everything our selves. And to pay for SHELTER WHILE WE ARE THERE we will be having fundraisers weekly and I would love if you guys could come out and support! Here is a list of fundraisers happening THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!

F R I D A Y >> NOVEMBER 13, 2015


Other then the release of One Directions Made in the AM album which you should get. . . . . oh yea and Bieber as well BLVCKLISTED is having a Super Smash Bros Tournament THIS FRIDAY, TOMORROW in North Hollywood!

We will have food, cold & hot drinks (for anyone cold) and we will have either a small cash prize or tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood (depending on how many enter the tournament). Registration starts at 6:30 and the tournament will start at 8pm. Doesn’t this all sound fun!!


BUT ! if you are to busy Friday night and Saturday morning then no worries because we still have an event Saturday night that you would love, were having our THIRD BLVCKCHELLA!


And we will have the following at BLVCKCHELLA

FOOD – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, maybe Carne Asada

SINGERS – Live Music with Great Vocals

& DANCING – Who doesn’t dance at Open mic

so we have three events that you can attend this week to help donate to the cause of helping us provide shelter while we compete at world of dance las vegas! come to one, or two or all three! if you cant come to any then i hope to see you at our following events that we have after! if you have any questions about these events feel free to read out to us on
or any of our teammates for more information!


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