Fonuts – Don’t Call it a Donut


Fō•nuts – A donut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried.

Location | in the busy streets of Los Angeles on 3rd street. Between the every busy Grove & Farmers Market and Beverly Center Mall. There is parking on the street but they also have valet parking which is free.

Type of Eats | It is basically a cake shaped as a donut. Fluffy, moist, and soft, so when you look at it, it is still a doughnut. They have an array of interesting choices Maple Glazed, Maple Glazed w/ Bacon, Bluberry Earl Grey (my favorite!), Strawberry Buttermilk, Chocolate Hazelnut and many more. It is also served in mini fonts and coffee, and also have gluten free and vegan options

My Opinion | I love cakes and cupcakes so having them in donut form makes them appealing to me. I’m not sure if everyone will enjoy this because they feel light and break easily, and with a heavy cream on top (like when I had the red velvet) it can be a bit hard to eat without being a little messy. If you are just going to get some basics or something you have an idea for this places isn’t for you. If you like trying different types of flavors then this spot is for you! I really enjoy this place because they serve and amazing Blueberry Earl Grey donut that I cannot find at any other

Prices | about $3.50 for one then $7 for the minis in a batch.



Fonuts Pictured| Vanilla Latte, Strawberry Buttermilk, 2 Blueberry Earl Grey, Coconut Passionfruit, Chocolate Hazelnut

Hours | Monday-Thursday 7:30am-8pm Friday 7:30am10pm Saturday 8am-10pm Sunday 8am-8pm


Address | 8104 West 3rd Street | Los Angeles, California 90048


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