Where have I gone

Hello readers,

hope you are all doing well and you are having a great holiday. I haven’t been posting lately because I have just been so busy with work and traveling to new places to talk about with you. I will be posting whenever I am free and if I find something that really gets me motivated to share with you . I want to put out quality content for you guys, which is why it takes me so long to edit and to come up with ideas.




A Dream from not too long ago. . .

I wake up. I am up and can feel the sunlight along the side of my arm as I lay on my side in the bed. I slowly get out the bed and can feel my body awaken even more. I crack my toes and look to the pile of clean clothes that of course never get put away. I get up and grab the clothes nearest to my feet, put them on and shuffle my tired self into the living room. Continue reading “A Dream from not too long ago. . .”