Lino’s Tacos


Location | This is a hole in the wall spot in Panorama City, sits in a plaza right in between baskin robbins and a liquor store. It’s pretty grimy, and is not a spot that you would usually make a stop at because honestly it is not that appealing.

Type of Eats | Regular Mexican food.

My Opinion | Good place to eat at, they have delicious food at a decent price. I only go to this place for their tacos because it comes ready in less than 10 minutes when I first order it. I haven’t tried any of the other food because it doesn’t look to appealing to me. I do recommend the tacos and the torta.

Prices | Taco’s are $1.50 each. They do serve other food but im only discussing the tacos, everything else on the menu is under $10.



Hours | Monday – Sunday from 10am-10pm

Address | 13771 Roscoe Blvd Panorama City, CA 91402


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