Sweet Rose Creamery


All kinds of flavor from different seasons and just enough basic flavors that you can enjoy. This is one of my favorite ice cream places.


Location | They have two locations, the main one that has been around is located in LA right by The Grove and the new one they just recently opened Studio City.

Type of Eats | Dairy & Non Dairy ice creams, sundaes, coffee, teas, seasonal flavors and regular basic flavors.


My Opinion | The taste of the flavors are just right and it doesn’t feel heavy when I get even just a scoop of ice cream. Not too sweet ice cream and I like the variety they bring. Traditional flavors, seasonal flavors which bring you a taste of each season and, nondairy flavors that are helpful to anyone who can settle with milk in their system. The staff is very friendly and they don’t have a problem helping you and giving you information about the flavors they have and what you would probably best at trying. They decoration and ambience of the place is really welcoming and chill. It is fairly simple with small tables and chairs, enough lighting for you to see around you and they have board games! The board games were definitely a big reason for me to stay around the shop. On the small downside it is a bit on the pricey side at least for their premade goods. Their ice cream bar is delicious but at almost $5 it’s just not worth it for something that is smaller than my palm. If you’re looking for many flavors they are limited compared to other ice cream places. Parking is purely street, which is typical LA and makes it kind of hard to want to eat here.



Prices | 1 scoop is $4. Sundaes are about $7. Flight board is $10. Coffee range from $3-5 dollars.

Hours | Monday – Sunday from 10am-10pm

Address | 7565 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036




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