A Dream from not too long ago. . .

I wake up. I am up and can feel the sunlight along the side of my arm as I lay on my side in the bed. I slowly get out the bed and can feel my body awaken even more. I crack my toes and look to the pile of clean clothes that of course never get put away. I get up and grab the clothes nearest to my feet, put them on and shuffle my tired self into the living room.

The living room is warm and the tv is on with you sitting there on the edge of the couch but I can only see the back of his head. He is dressed in a nice shirt, jeans and a beanie that matches his shoes. I feel a bit upset because I don’t certainly know how he got into my place. “What are you doing here?” I ask calmly, but I get no answer he just continues to stare at the tv screen. I speak up some more “how did you even get in here?” and I ask the same question again but even louder than before but he just keeps quiet and stays concentrated onto the tv. I give up, look at him a bit more then head off into the kitchen.

I get to the fridge and grab myself some tea, I can hear the television channels change in the background of my tea making til I hear it become quiet. I finish my tea and return to the living room where he is nowhere to be found but as I look into the room the tv is bigger and I have this sudden urge to find him in there. I make my way into this now life size tv, where the screen was showing just a hallway. Im walking down this hallway towards the only door there and as soon as I open the door and go through it I end up in a car.

We’re driving on the freeway passing through beautiful trees that seem to go as high as the sky. Music is playing in the background and we don’t speak to each other, just side glances and small smiles until we get to our destination. We park at the top of this mountain, we get out and make our way through the beautiful forest and hike past beautiful trees, down to this small stream that he begins to walk making his shoes all wet. After a bit more walking we made it to the end of the hike. I walk over to look at the view. I ask him why we are here but of course there is no answer he has his back towards me staring in to the trees.

As I try to reach for his back there is clear barrier blocking him from me. I touch around looking to where there isn’t a barrier and yet nothing so I start banging against this clear shield and yelling for him to hear me. He turn around and finally look at me, my hand is against the shield and he leans out to touch the glass. It breaks, THE SHIELD BREAKS and I trip back and start to just fall, im free falling down and he is watching me from above. I close my eyes to embrace the fall and feel his arms come around me holding me tight. Now we fall, together downward in the air and then crashing into the ocean. I don’t feel wet I can just feel us continually falling through the water and just landing into a garden, it was like going through different kinds of worlds free falling.

The garden I fall into is filled with beautiful plants, golden and white flowers and a couple cherry blossoms and willow trees. He lets me go and gets off of me “Your bleeding.” He tells me. you wipe off some blood that is coming from the side of the neck. I felt no pain though, just the comfort of you finally talking to me. He leans in and kisses me, I’m confused . . . this isn’t something we’ve done. We kiss for some time more and then I watch him get up and leave me, but I don’t move because the place is to beautiful to leave. A second later im presented with a huge bouquet of a pastel gold and white set of roses. When I grab bouquet everything seemed to time lapse backwards, we didn’t move but the scenes around us did. We went from the garden, through the ocean, the mountain, the hike, back to the car and so on until I arrive back into the kitchen.

I am back to where I started just after I wake up with the tea in my hand but this time with the flowers set in front of me on the kitchen table. I take the flowers and curiously walk to the living room expecting him to have been gone again, but there he is watching the tv. He turns to me with a smile on his face and ask, “Where did you get those from, come sit with me.” I walk over to him and place the flowers on the side of the couch, I lean into him and find myself falling asleep in his arms. And right before I go back in to a deep sleep I can hear him whisper “the next trip we make, will be even better.”



++Photo does not belong to me, I found it on Tumblr



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