About Bina


Hello Friends!

Everyone that knows me calls me Bina. I was born, raised and still currently residing in Los Angeles, where exactly will always be unknown. The basics about me is that im mixed born from a Filipino, Black and Cherokee Indian. I was gifted with a beautiful younger sister that could either be seen as my twin or older sister. I am a professional dancer and I direct my own dance company called BLVCKLISTED. If you have seen my face before in the dance studio a lot I used to be a work study at a well known dance studio in North Hollywood called Movement Lifestyle (mL). I spend most my days doing repetitive things at Universal Studios and I work as a brand ambassador and help manage a clothing line called BNGA.

I have always been into writing and was even a double major in broadcasting and english. The beginnings of my blog was nothing more then just my rambled thoughts and rants I had about anything and of course the typical reblog of everything that I was interested in here and there (seeing as I started my basic writings on Tumbler).

My blog will always have something I think people can enjoy whether you read it or you listen to it or see it through pictures. I like to keep my writings simple stuff and write about the things that catch me in the moment. I am often influenced by words and pictures. I can read something and just share the feeling that the writer has or can just understand what they have for me. Even more so with the pictures, the way it is photographed can either take me to a new place or it can trigger something more magical then that.

Why “The Inner Closet” – I thought the title would be fitting for my blog because my blog has a variety of things that I am interested in just like the inside of my closet. The inside of my closet has a variation of colors, fabrics and of course junk that I would love to share with you all. This blog is just everyday things

I am a not full time blogger, I am a part time blogger because of all the other work that I do,but my plan is to do my best and show you the things I enjoy and love around this world and in my city, especially in my closet!

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