Kayden & Chandler – Transitioning

I have 2 very important and close people in my life, one I met at work and the other I met in the dance community. They are both have something in common, they both are transitioning into the true form of who they truly are. I am truly so blessed to have met them both and to be able to be apart of this epic journey into their new lives.

what Is so crazy to me is the timing of everything. They are both good friends of mine but have never met each other and im sure they do not know each other. Chandler currently resides in Canada and Kayden is out here in America. They both came out as being transgender 2 weeks apart from each other and even began their testosterone shots around the same time.

Im posting videos of both of them and their update videos so you can get a view of where they are in their transition and how they have both come along way. If you are not supportive of this please get off my page, there is no room for hate here. if you do support, please feel free to watch the videos.


– Stay updated with Chan here : https://www.youtube.com/user/chanmrose


– stay up dated with Kayden here : http://www.instagram.com/ayeeitskayden